Error Message 150

I recently upgraded the hard drive in my Dell Xps 410.

I installed Windows Xp pro with the Cd that the system brought.

Only that when i tried to install the drivers and utilities using the Cd that came with the system, when I tried to unzip the files I got the following message.


An error occured while unzipping.

One or more files were not successfully unzipped, The error code is 150.


Now I even went as far as downloading from Dell the drivers ( same problem).

I even had them send me new Cd/Dvd for my system.

Same problem, the error code 150.


Now my question is what is wrong and what can I do to fix this.

I even tried to format the hard drive in order o start with the HD clean, But I can't even do that.


Please anyone what can I do?



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Re: Error Message 150

Just groping here. Try downloading WINRAR. I think thats the program that unzips the files. Hope it helps..........

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Re: Error Message 150

X2 here.. Winrar is the only unzip/zip program I've been using for years.

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Re: Error Message 150

You obviously have another computer to get on the internet, so just download the drivers you need from the Dell downloads site and put them on a CD or flash drive.
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Re: Error Message 150

I tried several time and continued to get  the same error message when unzipping some drivers for my Dell Lappy.  I decided to try using the desktop as the destination location for the unzipped files and it worked!!  Perhaps the drivers folder (directory) was set as read only... I don't know... I just know that this worked.  I did my install and my driver installed fine.

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Re: Error Message 150

you might used up your windows installation drive. that` s why you use other destination, it works.

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Re: Error Message 150

I got this when my drivers were installing to the system reserved partition (with only 100Mb of space). It was not unzipping correctly because the partition was full. I changed the location to the larger partition and it installed properly. 

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Re: Error Message 150

I was getting this code whenever i tried to run a self-extracting driver software.

In my case i have win 7 on C drive and win XP on F drive. I was trying to install my graphics card driver in XP but i kept getting this error150 message.

I noticed in the dialogue box that it was trying to extract the driver to the C drive. Which isn't where i wanted it to go.

So i used winrar to extract the Self extractor driver file to a folder of my choice (I used F drive)

There were many files extracted and one of them was a Setup file, so i ran the file and it installed the driver to my XP on F drive. Job done!

So i presume from this that if your OS is installed on a partition other than C drive, these self extractors will fail because they are designed to extract to the C drive.

Hope this helps somebody else because this has been rather frustrating to solve!

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