Factory Reset for Inspiron 620

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Im trying to reset my Inspiron 620 back to factory specs but I cannot find out how to do it.  Dell Datasafe is not recognizing the recovery disks I created and is not allowing me to point it to the back up I created on an external disk.  

I've also tried hitting F8 and F11 with no success.

Does anyone know what other options I can try?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Factory Reset for Inspiron 620

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You may not have that option on your system but you can try:

Dell Factory Image
CAUTION: Using Dell Factory Image
Restore to restore your operating
system permanently deletes all data
on the hard drive and removes any
programs or drivers installed after you
received your computer. If possible,
back up the data before using this
option. Use Dell Factory Image Restore
only if System Restore did not resolve
your operating system problem.
NOTESmiley Very Happyell Factory Image Restore may
not be available in certain countries or on
certain computers.
NOTE:If Dell Factory Image Restore
is not available on your computer, use
Dell DataSafe Local Backup (see “Dell
DataSafe Local Backup” on page 44) to
restore your operating system.
Use Dell Factory Image Restore only as the
last method to restore your operating system.
This option restores your hard drive to the
operating state it was in when you purchased
the computer. Any programs or files added
since you received your computer—including
data files—are permanently deleted from the
hard drive. Data files include documents,
spreadsheets, e‑mail messages, digital photos,
music files, and so on. If possible, back up all
data before using Dell Factory Image Restore.
Starting Dell Factory Image
1. Turn on the computer.
2. When the DELL logo appears, press <F8>
several times to access the Advanced Boot
NOTE: If you wait too long and the
operating system logo appears, continue
to wait until you see the Microsoft
Windows desktop; then, shut down your
computer and try again

 Select Repair Your Computer.
The System Recovery Options window
4. Select a keyboard layout and click Next.
5. To access the recovery options, log on
as a local user. To access the command
prompt, type administratorin the User
namefield, then click OK.
6. Click Dell Factory Image Restore.
The Dell Factory Image Restorewelcome
screen appears.
NOTESmiley Very Happyepending upon your
configuration, you may need to select
Dell Factory Tools, then Dell Factory
Image Restore.
7. Click Next.
The Confirm Data Deletionscreen
NOTE:If you do not want to proceed
with the Factory Image Restore, click
8. Select the check box to confirm that you
want to continue to reformat the hard
drive and restore the system software to
the factory condition, then click Next.
The restore process begins and may
take five or more minutes to complete.
A message appears when the operating
system and factory‑installed applications
have been restored to factory condition.
9. Click Finishto restart the computer

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Re: Factory Reset for Inspiron 620

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Thanks for your  help.  I'll give this a try.  Really appreciate it  

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Re: Factory Reset for Inspiron 620

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If you get it to work Buy a 16 gig or larger USB flash drive and do a FULL Backup onto the flash drive.  That way EVEN IF THE DRIVE TOTALLY DIES, you can recover by booting from the USB Flash and restoring EVERYTHING including the RECOVERY and DIAG partitions.  Writeable DVD recovery media is very unreliable.

Article ID : 266301 Date Published : 2009-02-11 Journal ID : dbeef7ac-c11b-4091-89e5-6e4d09d1b4b9

Creating a Full System Backup Using Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0

1      Click  then click   All Programs, click   Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 and click   Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0.

2      Click   Back up your files  then select Full System Backup.

3      To backup immediately, click 

  Backup Now 


To select the location to backup to, or to schedule regular backups, click  

  Edit Plan 

  and continue to the next step.

4      Select the location to save your backup to.

You can save your backups to your hard drive, to a rewritable CD/DVD using a CD/DVD burner, or to an external memory device like a 16 gig OR Larger USB memory key or USB hard drive. If an external device you want to save to is not listed, make sure it is plugged in securely then click  



Once your location is selected, click 



5      To create a backup immediately, select   I will manually backup my system and click 



To set a backup to be run at a later time, or to schedule a regularly occurring backup, click   Backup my system automatically (recommended) and specify the time and date(s) to run the backup then click 



6      To change any selections, click 



If you chose to schedule a recurring backup and would like to start an initial backup now, click   Start this backup now.

Once satisfied with your selections, click



Additional Information: Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0

Refer to the following links for additional information on Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0.

What is Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0? Article ID: 353560

Creating Your System Recovery Discs with Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 Article ID: 353561

Restoring Your Dell Computer to Original Factory Installation with Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 Article ID: 353562

Creating a Backup Using Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 Article ID: 353563

Restoring from a Backup Using DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 Article ID: 353564

Upgrading To Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 Professional Article ID: 353565

Frequently Asked Questions: Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 Article ID: 353566

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Re: Factory Reset for Inspiron 620

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Unfortunately neither of your suggestions worked however, I discovered the answer by paying attention to the screen.  

As I had stated in my initial post Dell DataSafe Local Back was not operating correctly and it refused to recognize the system image I had created when I purchased my PC.

For owners of Dell Inspiron 620 Slimtower the F8 function does not allow access to Advance Boot Options when starting the PC.

To Access Advance Boot Options:

Turn on Your PC.

At the point during the boot process when the Dell Logo appears on the screen there are two options offered in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  

F2  Setup  and F12 Boot Options

Press F12 while the Dell logo is on the screen and the Boot Options window will appear.

Choose the location of your back up device and press Enter.

Follow the system prompts to choose the type of operation you want to perform.  I was able to reset my PC back to factory specs in less than 10 minutes.