Fail to install IDT High Def. Audio CODEC on XPS420


I have downloaded the "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC" from Windows Update.

But it failed to install on my XPS420.

Anybody with the same problem?



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Re: Fail to install IDT High Def. Audio CODEC on XPS420

Here is some info posted  by one of the VIP's Fireberd


There is a new update from Microsoft that came out yesterday "IDT High Def Codec".  IDT is the company that recently bought Sigma-Tel and any new updates will apparently say IDT rather than Sigma Tel.  However, the update corrupts the sound and there is no speaker sound output and on some, according to posts on the Desktops Audio Section causes a "Code 10" Error.  I got it on my homebuilt Intel DP35DP motherboard with Sigma Tel yesterday and as I was using headphones at the time, through the front panel headphone jack, I assumed all was well.  As it turned out with the IDT update there was no rear speaker sound. 


The fix is to use the System Restore to get back to the configuration before the IDT update.  Just uninstalling the IDT and/or reinstalling the Sigma Tel did not fix the problem (probably Registry entries that are not changed).




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Re: Fail to install IDT High Def. Audio CODEC on XPS420

Yes, I encountered the same problem. I went here and re-installed the sigmatel driver that I had removed prior to installing sp1...(that did fix it for me)...

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Re: Fail to install IDT High Def. Audio CODEC on XPS420

I installed that driver also just to see what it would do.I got the x on the speaker also.But all I did to return it to the previous driver was go into device control panel and click on the IDT sound card driver and did a rollback to previous driver and restarted pc and it fixed it right up.
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