GGGY POST lights on back of tower!

When I was playing Call of Duty on my GX280, my computer froze (which has happened before). Since I couldn't Ctl-Alt-Del, I manually turned off the computer. When I tried to turn the computer back on, as soon as the button was pushed, a strange message came up on the screen making references to DVI+DVI and 128 MB, both of those I'm guessing are refering to my 128 MB Graphics card, and the at the end it said BIOS. So I turned it off again, and the same message came up the second time. I looked on the back, and the POST numbers read GGGY. Needless to say, I checked all the connections in my computer, to the DVD, CD, Hard drive, motherboard, graphics and sound card. Everything looks fine. Also, my keyboard doesn't seem to be getting power because there is no green light when the computer is on for NUM-lock, and I tried pushing it but there is no response. Can someone please help?

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Re: GGGY POST lights on back of tower!


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Disconnect all devices from the system and plug only the monitor keyboar and mouse to see if the system will then power up.

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