GX150 Memory Upgrade Maximum?

I have one of those silly small desktop models..  Upgrading anything is a nightmare.

I replaced the stock 256MB DIMM with a Centon 512 MB DIMM non-ecc It worked just fine.

I wanted to add a second Centon 512 MB DIMM  identical in nature to the first; they do not work together

The PC does not make it through the post wherein you can see the bios screen and the slide bar moving to the right; it stalls at about 25% completion.  I am running Windows XP Pro SP2

Each DIMM works fine by itself in either slot.  They do not work together even swapping the DIMMs to either slot.

My bios is Version A10 there does not seem to be an upgrade newer than that.

Is there a workaround for this, or is 512MB the max RAM I can install?





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Re: GX150 Memory Upgrade Maximum?

the manual says you can't go over 512 total memory.



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Re: GX150 Memory Upgrade Maximum?

I think the reason for that is if the memory modules are 512Mb or greater they need to have ECC. The chipset of the GX150, i815E, (correct me if I'm wrong) doesn't support ECC.



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Re: GX150 Memory Upgrade Maximum?

The 810 and 815 only support 512 PERIOD.

Even with INTEL boards.

If you add a 512 and by some off chance it works adding another will not.

They made 512 max in the bios and chipset.

It will REFUSE TO ADDRESS more than 512m of ram.

This cannot be overcome.

Any Ram over 512 will not work.

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Re: GX150 Memory Upgrade Maximum?

I am not an expert on the 815E chipset, but my reading of the data sheet indicates that the chipset does in fact support 512mb devices.  It does not say anything about not supporting 2 devices of 512mb each.  So I am inclined to believe this is a BIOS issue, not a chipset issue.  Has anyone successfully run 2 DIMMS of 512mb in an Optiplex GX150 ?   Anyone run 1gb RAM in any machine based on the Intel 815E chipset?   Reply here or mail my hotmail account directly: dpchiesa


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Re: GX150 Memory Upgrade Maximum?

Have a look at this chart:
All the 815 chipsets have a maximum memory of 512mB. I have used a single 512mB DIMM in a GX150. But that was the maximum it would take.
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