GX620 DVI Adapter Card and Y-Cable

My boss has asked me to order several GX620 MT systems, with the DVI adapter plate, and also with the 'optional' Y-Adapter cable for dual monitors. Using the online configurator page, I can easily find the selection for "DVI (Digital) Adapter Card, full height", and can see the "Dual monitor support via DVI adapter. For more information, please see learn more".. The learn-more page indicates, as I would expect, that an "optional" VGA-Y-Cable is required, but here's the wonderful part: Nowhere is a part number given nor a link to order this item. An extensive search of the site for "Y-VGA-Adapter" and MANY variations of this, returns nothing.. My boss wants to order these systems in the next couple of days, so I'm kind of in a bind... The last time I tried calling sales, I swore I'd slice my wrists before I'd do that again.. Anybody have the part # for this item?????


Dave Frandin
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Re: GX620 DVI Adapter Card and Y-Cable

The numbers are constantly changing so nobody would have that information.


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Re: GX620 DVI Adapter Card and Y-Cable

The only dual monitor capabilities the GX620 offers is the ATI X600 that Speedstep mentioned. This uses either the dual DVI or the dual VGA dongle (the DVI cable cannot be used in combination with a DVI-to-VGA converter block).

The DVI output panel (that uses the onboard Intel 950 video chipset solution) on the tower is single monitor only. For some more information about video offerings, check here.

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Re: GX620 DVI Adapter Card and Y-Cable

Thanks, guys!
I'm glad *somebody* has detailed info about Dell's products, because, as far as I'm concerned, Dell sure doesn't.. As far as I can tell, nowhere in the ordering pages or documentation is that little tidbit of info indicated. I have a GX620 at home with dual monitors, but I'm using a PCIe nVidia card. Since we have a bunch of users who want dual monitors, while writing the purchase req for our next order of machines, I figured we could skip buying an added video card, by the DVI/Y-Cable... Now I've got egg on my face.. Gotta tell my boss we gotta spend more $$$ for the dual monitor capability.... GRRRRRRR!! Dell strikes again!!

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Re: GX620 DVI Adapter Card and Y-Cable

Hi Dave Frandin,

     Actually you just need a DMS-59 to Dual DVI Y Video Splitter Cable and a  Male to Male DVI-D video cable for each monitors . see images below:

Dual DVI Y Video Splitter Cable


Male to Male DVI-D video cable 


I have an extra new 2 Dual DVI Y Video Splitter Cable and 4 Male to Male DVI-D video cable and it is not been used.If  you want, I can sell it you.

Please do send me a message if your interested.


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