How do I find the current Bios version?

I tried using the system config tool at Dell, it kept freezing and displayed nothing.  I have a Dimension 8100, and want to find out if I need to update the bios to install a large capacity hard drive.  Also, if I do need to update the Bios, do I need to do it one upgrade at a time, or can I go directly from, say A06 to XP2?

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Re: How do I find the current Bios version?

Normally the BIOS version is displayed at boot up under the Dell logo.   Or you can use any of a variety of free information tools like PcWizard that will tell you.

Each BIOS update is complete so you only need to install the one you want.

Not sure what you mean by XP2.

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Re: How do I find the current Bios version?



Your currently install BIOS version should be displayed during boot up.  If it isn't then simply go into the BIOS Setup by pressing the F2 key when the Dell logo appears at boot up.  The currently installed BIOS version will be displayed on the top of the BIOS Setup page.


If you are presently using BIOS version A08 or later then there is no reason to update the BIOS.  48bit LBA support for large hard drives was first introduced in the short lived A07 BIOS update and was subsequently passed on to the later releases. 


If you need to update the BIOS you can go right to the XP2 version which is the latest release for your model and Windows XP.  Dell BIOS updates for your model are cumulative.  In other words the latest version will contain all the fixes and improvements found in the earlier versions.

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