How to Reimage Desktop

Hello, my family has a Dimension 2400 and I wanted to reimage it because it has tons of spyware on it and it just needs a fresh start. I tried reading through the forum and searchin dell.com but nothing seems to work. What are the steps to reimage? I have two dell cds: the Device, diagnostics and computer documentation CD as well as the system software cd.


I have tried:

-running spyware and virus scans on safe mode, deleting temp files and uninstalling unnecessary programs.

-using the Dell support tutorial and pressing ctrl + F11 upon start up to use the PC restore but nothing pops up

-inserting the application CD, restarting the computer and pressing F12 to boot the cdrom


Thanks! Any website, tutorial or advice would be extremely helpful!

BTW this desktop is from 2003ish soo it might have different softare

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Re: How to Reimage Desktop


How to carry out a clean reinstall of XP.

First, disconnect all the peripherals from the system except the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

How to configure a Dell Dimension series system to boot to the CD or DVD drive.

This XP reinstallation guideis excellent, or you can use Dell's Restallation Guide here. 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

While installing, remember to delete all existing partitions when you are prompted, then recreate the partitions and format the hard drive, following by installing XP.

Note: You need not delete the small 40/50mb EISA Partition, if you wish to keep Dell diagnostics on the hard drive.

After installing XP, you need to install the drivers and applications in the following order,

Desktop System Software [if applicable]
Network Interface Card [NIC]
All other drivers.

Then, install the Anti Virus utility and update the definitions, followed by all the critical Microsoft updates.

Try to note the type of hardware devices you have, prior to reinstalling the operating system. This can help you select and install the correct drivers and applications.


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Jason Morat

Re: How to Reimage Desktop

Another option is to get a technician to reimage your PC using www.reimage.com.


With this service you will not loose any of your data and won't need to re-install drivers or anything.








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