How to edit boot order in BIOS A07?



I have BIOS A07 installed on my Dell GX270 SFF (It has 1 gb ram).  I want to install Linux on it however, when I turn on the desktop, Press F12 for boot config I cannot seem to be able to change the boot order so I can run the CD.  I know for a fact that the ubuntu boot cd works.


Anyone know how to change boot order?




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Re: How to edit boot order in BIOS A07?

What are your choices on your F12 boot menu?  Is the disk in the drive when you try this?

The F12 menu is a one time boot configuration.  Once you use it the computer is returned to the boot order defined in System Setup (F2 during POST after starting the machine).  Also, you may not have the choice of booting from an optical drive unless a bootable disk is present when you bring up the menu.

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