I can't install or uninstall programs on my Windows XP

This is probably something simple, but I've been looking through my computer and online for the past 2 hours with no luck.  For the past few weeks anytime I try to install anything or remove anything it keeps saying that something is already installing and that I can't install anything else untill it is finished.  I'm trying to fix this problem today, but for some reason I can't figure out what is installing on my computer.  Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.  How would I find out what is keeping me from installing or removing programs from my computer?  I have a Windows XP Version 2002.  Thank you.

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Re: I can't install or uninstall programs on my Windows XP

Sounds like some program tried to install (or uninstall) a few weeks ago and either didn't finish and keeps restarting itself, and/or left the Windows installer stuck in a loop.   If you can remember what program it was it might help cleaning it up.

One thing to try:    Go into your Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del) and look for any process called msi.exe, msiexec.exe, or setup.exe.    If it's there, right-click, end process, then see if you can install/uninstall now.

And/or,  try this to see if you can stop the loop.

- Right click My Computer icon - Manage - Services and Applications - Services.

- Scroll down to WIndows Installer, double-click to open, and set the startup type to "disabled".

- Reboot the PC, then go back into services and set startup type to "manual" again.   See if you can install anything now.

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