IDE bus failure has occurred.


I have an Dimension 4550 with bios A08. When i turned it on this morning the bios could not load anymore. The bios startup screen (with the bios version) hangs and then the computer starts beeping. Its not possible to get in the bios setup screen. The white line beneath the version number that fills it self, does not complete. 

The collor errorcode on the back stated:  IDE bus failure has occurred.

What does did mean and can it occure after the power was of for two weeks?? Because that is the only thing that happend with the computer. I checked the ide cables but they are all connected firmly.

I am 3 months out of waranty so any help would be greatfull. Is there a change that is is something that can be fixed or is an ide bus failure a hardware problem on the motherboard??

Thanks for the advise.



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Re: IDE bus failure has occurred.

After disconnecting all the modules, conectors and memory modules from the motherboard and reconnect them again, everything works again like its used to work

Strange that such a error could apear suddenly???

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