INSPIRON 530 motherboard replacement

Anyone know of a motherboard replacement for the 530. i bent the pins on the 775 socket and now i need to replace the motherboard.   Any help of suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Re: INSPIRON 530 motherboard replacement

You can get one HERE.

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Re: INSPIRON 530 motherboard replacement


The 530 Mini Tower systems were build with two different motherboard versions, before buying check which motherboard is installed.

If your 530 was purchased with a Core 2 Duo processor and a 300w power supply, it requires a 0RY007 motherboard, that supports Core2 Duo processors only.

If you have a Quad 4 processor and a 375w PSU, you need the 0FM586 motherboard, that supports both Core 2 Duo and Quad 4 processors.





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