Inspiron 3847 upgrades

I've done a lot of browsing and research on what upgrades I can do to my Dell Inspiron 3847 desktop.

I would like to upgrade the CPU to a i5.

I would like to install a dedicated graphics card. Would like to get something with at least 4GB memory. I've  been told with the stock case and limited space that cards under 10' are a must

With the above two mentioned upgrades I will also need a upgraded power-supply. so which PSU will be sufficient ?

I would also like to upgrade the ram to 16GB(8GBx2) which would be max.

The intent here is to run X-plane which is a flight sim.

Current Specs:

Inspiron 3847

intel i3 4150 @3.50GHz

Haswell 22nm Technology 

8.00Gb dual channel DDR3

088DT1 mobo

HD Graphics 4400

Bios A04

Any guidance would be appreciated. 

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RE: Inspiron 3847 upgrades

You cant Add Long cards.  Short 8 inch cards are fine. 


Adding the i5 or I7 needs a bigger power supply.   I recommend the EVGA 750B1 but not B2 BQ or G2 versions as they do not have sufficient 3.3v/5v power.

This 750 TI works with the Stock Power Supply However Adding an I5 or I7 would need more power.


 You cant use the longer card with 2 fans or the SC unit as it will overload the power supply.

The Straight  750TI says 300W power supply is fine.

The SC needs a  bigger PSU aka 450W on the 12v and 150W on the 3.3v/5v rails 


EVGA Super nova 700B1 or 750B1 works fine.

B2 and G2 series do not.

The issue with working or not has to do with the 3.3v power supply on the X16 slots and 150W max combined power on the 3.3v and 5v rails.







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RE: Inspiron 3847 upgrades

Yes, the Inspiron 3847 processor can be replaced, see pages 45/46/47 here:

ftp.dell.com/.../inspiron-3847-desktop_Reference Guide_en-us.pdf