Inspiron 530 Chipset?

I bought a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop last month. The Dell site says Inspiron 530 comes with Intel G33 chipset. But when I checked my desktop it shows as G33/G31 chipset family .
Also, Dell says Inspiron 530 can handle max 4GB DDR2 RAM. Where as in the Intel site G33 specification is 8 GB. Now I'm doubting if Dell is selling 530 desktops with G31 chipset which can handle max 4 GB RAM.
Can members clarify on this?

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Re: Inspiron 530 Chipset?

My observations on this.....
ICH9 and Intel G33 with a total of 4 GB of max ram only, according to the 530 systems manual.....
Dell systems motherboards are proprietary for their systems, so the motherboard is not the normal retail version one would get if you bought from another vendor per se or one that you would buy to build your own.

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