Inspiron 530 bios update

I have updated my bios with version 1.0.16 from Dell's site, it was installed, but the verification showed error. The update was rated as recommended.

Since then, the computer seldom boots.

Is it possible to reinstall the bios update or get back the former one 1.0.15 ?

I tried to take out the batery and reposition it, and also to change the jumper of CMOS, and reposition it.

When I start the computer, most times I hear beep beep beep beep.....



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Re: Inspiron 530 bios update

Seldom boots?

I think more likely it doesnt boot at all anymore and wont EVER.

Unfortunately I'm not aware of a bios recovery method for this model.

There might be one via dos boot floppy but i doubt that.


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