Inspiron 545 Desktop; best GPU Video Card with stock PSU 300w [8-|]

Greetings Dell members.

My question is this: What is the best GPU Video Card I can install on my Dell Inspiron 545 Desktop PC with a stock Power Supply (PSU) of only 300 watts?

From what I have read in the Dell Forums, there seems to be talk of the ATI R4650 and NVidia 9500GT. Now, I was wondering if my stock 545 would be able to run the following GPU Video Card; Sapphire HD4650 1G DDR2 PCIE


Any expert advice would be appreciated. If there are better GPUs/Video Cards that my Dell 545 can run without upgrading the PSU than I am very much interested to hear from you.


Thank-you for reading.

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Re: Inspiron 545 Desktop; best GPU Video Card with stock PSU 300w [8-|]

The HD 4670 would be a better card.  An HD 4670 DDR3 with 512mb can be bought for the same cost as the HD 4650 w/1GB and be a much better video card for gaming purposes.  Either of these are better than the 9500 GT, however. 

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