Inspiron 570 Desktop Faulty Power Supply Unit (PSU) 9V75C

If you purchased a Dell Inspiron 570 desktop prior to January 2011, it may have been built with a potentially faulty PSU. As a result, under certain conditions, you may experience an unexpected shutdown and an inability to restart the computer. There is no safety danger if this were to occur, however, we understand that, it would likely cause a great deal of inconvenience.

As a result of this issue, we are reaching out to inform you and let you know that Dell is willing to replace PSU 9V75C with PSU 6R89K or V7K62 at no cost to you. To receive the replacement PSU, please submit your name, ship to address, and system tag number (in the subject line) to the following Dell web address:

Please ensure that you will be able to receive service for this issue in the immediate 5-7 business days following your submission to allow us to optimize our resources and your time.

Please be advised that should you decide not to take advantage of this offer by September 30th 2011, we will ask you to call into Technical Support to get your issue resolved. Standard warranty contracts will be enforced at that time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

NOTE - This free program was only available until September 30th 2011. If you did not act by then, standard warranty contracts will be enforced at that time. Meaning -
If your still under warranty we will replace the PSU. You must contact Technical Support for your country. They will need the following information -
Email Address:
Shipping Address:
Phone Number:
Service Tag number:
Reason: Dell Inspiron 570 defective power supply unit 9V75C Winstron Delta. Replace with either -
6R89K Winstron Delta
V7K62 Winstron Delta

If your outside of the warranty period, you must purchase the replacement PSU (6R89K Winstron Delta or V7K62 Winstron Delta) from Dell Spare Parts 800-357-3355 and replace it yourself.

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