Inspiron 660 Graphics Card

Want to fit a video card into my brand new stock Inspirion 660 and from reading all I can I've centered in on the Sapphire HD 6670 or 7750. Posts have indicated these will fit and operate  .  .  .  however, thee are new versions, called "Ultimate" which not only use even less power but are not fitted with a fan and instead have a heat sink. They may be just a tad longer. The question is, will the Sapphire HD 6670 Ultimate fit in a standard tower 660. How about the Ultimate 7750?

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Re: Inspiron 660 Graphics Card

I think the saphhire ultimate 7750 needs two slots because the heat sink takes up space. Also since the dell 660 is a mini tower i'm not sure if a low profile card is needed. if someone could elaborate that would be great.

Otherwise this card would have been good because it uses less power than regular version, however I'm not sure if it will fit a single slot due to the heatsink taking up the width of two slots. 

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