Inspiron 660s Power light stays at amber.

My desktop now suddenly wont turn on. Press the power button and the power light stays at amber(No beeping sounds, light is solid not blinking).
It usually change from amber to white but now it just stays there. Read the forums and send support to dell told to me to hold the power button for 10 seconds or 20 seconds+. <-the solution only SOMETIMES work. You see my computer at days can turn on and at some days wont turn on. Will have this issue. It annoys me i cant use my desktop daily now. 

Could it be the OS issue cause i recently upgrade it to windows 8.1.

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RE: Inspiron 660s Power light stays at amber.

Hi Awesomekimchi,

A solid amber power button usually indicates an issue with the system’s ability to distribute power correctly. The system should have a small green light on the rear, this light would indicate whether or not the PSU is functioning correctly and should be lit if power is being received correctly. If Off’ the issue is likely a power supply fault, if lit I would suggest going through the no POST troubleshooting guide below, hopefully you can pin down a specific component being the cause of this.



Computer Does not Turn on or go Into Windows


Let us know how it goes,


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