Internal Speakers with Windows 7

We have some small form factor OptiPlex 760's which have been upgraded to Windows 7.  These systems have the internal business speaker.  Problem is now, for whatever reason even though Windows 7 detects the sound card, it does not play any sounds because it does not "detect" the internal speaker.  Has anyone else discovered this or found a workaround?

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Re: Internal Speakers with Windows 7

I have had success with using the Vista Audio Driver on Windows 7.  I first loaded the one for XP because I have done that before with older boxes I have loaded Vista on.  It gave me the internal speaker sound on the 760 but kept popping up a message that it was the wrong version upon boot and had an invalid codec.  I then loaded the Vista Audio Driver for the 760 but had to right click on it and select Properties then run it in compatibility mode for Vista SP2.  You could probably just load the vista driver and be fine but I did load the xp driver first in case you have trouble.  Additional reboots have been successful with no problems so far.  Hope this helps!!

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Re: Internal Speakers with Windows 7

The Vista driver is the one to use.  Win 7 is basically Vista "improved".  Vista handles sound differently than XP and the reason the XP drivers do not work, or work correctly.  Getting Vista sound drivers was a major issue when Vista came out.  Many that upgraded XP systems to Vista were without sound, some for several months, until Dell got Vista drivers out for those systems they were going to support on Vista.

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Re: Internal Speakers with Windows 7

I have the same problems with Windows 7 Pro 32 bit & Optiplex 960.  Device manager recognizes the audio card, but Win 7 says that there are no speakers connected.  When I connect speakers, all is happy, but when un-plugging them the speaker icon in the system tray immediately gets the red X and it says there are no speakers connected.  Dell chat support is useless; they will not support me because the system did not ship with Win 7, and I am not using a Dell Win 7 DVD.  I am not able to install the Vista 32 bit audio driver; it fails and says "This Update Package cannot be executed under the current operating system".


UPDATE:  I figured out how to run the installer in Vista SP2 mode, and it installed and works fine.

To install in Vista SP2 mode, download the file and save it to your local disk (don't just run from Dell site).  After downloading, right click on the file, then click "Properties", then select the "Compatability" tab, then check the box for "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select "Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)" from the drop down list.  Also select the box for "Run this program as an administrator".  Click "OK" to close the window, then run the program.  It should install and want a reboot.

Hello Dell !!!      Please eliminate this problem by posting a Windows 7 driver for the ADI 198x Integrated HD Audio !!!


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Re: Internal Speakers with Windows 7

I have had success with the Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated HD Audio, v., A08 driver found (as at 26 June 2013) here: www.dell.com/.../optiplex-760. I tested this successfully on an Optiplex 760 running Windows 7 SP1 64 bit.


Re: Internal Speakers with Windows 7

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