Locked MB BIOS ??

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Hey folks so I was gonna buy amd r7 265 card and I asked some folks if it will fit my case and .... ya it will but there is 1 possibly issue the guy who told bout it has lot of expertise anyway ill paste wat he said :the only possible issue I can see is that sometimes dell (and other OEMs) like to lock their MB BIOS so you cant use any gfx card other than the ones they sell older dells didnt have this problem but im seeing newer dells do that ......


Anyway he told me to contact the dell forums bout that issue ...

Is it possible that MB BIOS be locked ???

My case : inspiron 580


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RE: Locked MB BIOS ??

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This is not dell its Microsoft and UEFI Once we get to Class 3 UEFI bios its locked down completely and NO OS or Driver or Hardware will run without "certificate from microsoft" in bios.

NON SECURE BOOT aka non WINDOWS 8 Only CSM(legacy) is removed from CLASS 3 UEFI Bios.

CLASS 2.3.1 is the current revision as of April 2014 XP is dead.

GPT partitions are available but MBR partitions AKA Grub/DOS/Linux are gone with UEFI.



When installing an after-market graphics card into a certified Windows 8 PC with UEFI enabled, the system may not boot.

 Secure Boot requires a PC that meets the UEFI Specifications Version 2.3.1, Errata C or higher.

Secure Boot is supported for UEFI Class 2 and Class 3 PCs. For UEFI Class 2 PCs, when Secure Boot is enabled, the compatibility support module (CSM) must be disabled so that the PC can only boot authorized, UEFI-based operating systems.

Secure Boot does not require a Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

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