My 2 yr. old Dell Studio XPS 8100 goes to blue screen and shuts down with no warning.

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It all started about a month ago when for some unknown reason my PC began working like it was stuck in the mud. Verrrrrrrry slow response times to any command. I was using Norton Internet Security at the time and I thought maybe some virus had gotten by it. Since my Norton was up for renewal I decided to switch to the AVG (paid version). Now my PC crashes every time I use it. Each time, when I reboot, an error message is displayed which look like this:

Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name:                        BlueScreen

  OS Version:                                          6.1.7601.

  Locale ID:                                             1033

Additional information about the problem:

  BCCode:                                               1000007e

  BCP1:                                                    FFFFFFFFC0000005

  BCP2:                                                    FFFFF8800108A5F3

  BCP3:                                                    FFFFF880037107F8

  BCP4:                                                    FFFFF88003710050

  OS Version:                                          6_1_7601

  Service Pack:                                       1_0

  Product:                                               768_1

Files that help describe the problem:



Other BCCodes which have appeared are: c5 / 50 / be / 1e

I recently upgraded my modem and external hard drive storage device but I don't think they’re the problem. I cannot access any of the Dell diagnostic tools to check the system, drivers or Bios settings. I really want to stay with my Dell/Windows PC but if I can't resolve this issue to my satisfaction this will be my last Windows PC. Please help.

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Re: My 2 yr. old Dell Studio XPS 8100 goes to blue screen and shuts down with no warning.

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Hi biscuitboy,

It can be annoying when you receive a blue screen error and the system shuts down.  You need to run the diagnostics and check if the hardware on the laptop is working properly. Please follow the steps provided below to run the Diagnostics:

1.Turn on or restart the computer.
2. Immediately at the Dell logo screen, starting tapping the <F12> key once a second until the One Time Boot menu appears (if the computer boots to Windows turn the computer off and try again).
3.At the One Time Boot menu, press the <Down> arrow key to highlight Diagnostics, PSA+ or Enter ePSA, then press <Enter> to begin the PSA.
4. Write down any error codes listed.

Please reply to us with the error codes or with the test results.

Thanks and Regards,
Rajath N
Dell Social Media and Community Professional
Order Status : http://dell.to/1fgKSTr
Download Drivers : http://dell.to/1hcxG98

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Re: My 2 yr. old Dell Studio XPS 8100 goes to blue screen and shuts down with no warning.

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hi! i have a dell studio xps desktop, my issue is that the computer goes off with no warning i try to do the test PSA but did not finish and went off again some times work for a little while, but usually works 15 to 30 minutes than goes off! i need your help! thanks

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Re: My 2 yr. old Dell Studio XPS 8100 goes to blue screen and shuts down with no warning.

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I ended up trying about everything I knew how to do or that I could find on the internet about the symptoms my PC was exhibiting. What I learned was that the symptoms were associated with a failing hard drive.

After weighing the cost of switching everything over to an Apple product I decided to replace my original 1TB drive. I knew I was utilizing only about 1/8th of the drive's capacity so I considered both getting a smaller capacity drive and/or one of the new solid state units, but when I researched "replacing a hard drive" there seemed to be some problems with switching to a different capacity drive.

I wanted to make sure the new drive would be compatible with my computer's original specs so used my Service Tag Number on the Dell website - Shop for Home > Accessories > Parts & Upgrades > Storage: Hard Drives & Storage Media to give me a recommendation. I decided to get the Western Digital 1TB SATA 6Gb/s Hard Drive 64MB 7200RPM 3.5IN Caviar Black drive - Manufacturer Part# WD1002FAEX / Dell Part# A3555513 ($100). It arrived 2-3 days later and I had it installed at a computer store associated with a nearby university. I gave them the two DVDs that came with my XPS 8100 so they could reload Windows 7 and the drivers.

They were able to recover my files during this process so the only thing I had to do when I got my tower back was reload and update all the software I regularly use - AVG, Malwarebytes, Ccleaner, Firefox, Office, Thunderbird, Picasa, etc. It's a real pain and it took 6-8 hours but there's no way around it. If you end up going this route be sure to go to Control Panel > "Windows Update" first and download all the Windows 7 updates that aren't on your new drive - then load your security/antivirus software before you start browsing the internet again. I hope this helps, and good luck!

Re: My 2 yr. old Dell Studio XPS 8100 goes to blue screen and shuts down with no warning.

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thank you very much, i'll try this to see if it works to me! i let you know , thanks for your help

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