My mouse won't highlight

For the past week I've been having some annoying troubles with my mouse. I haven't changed any of the setting on it or anything else on my computer, but now it won't let me highlight anything on the computer. i.e. If I'm editing a word document and want to highlight a portion to text, I can't do it. Also, when I try and click on a drop down menu or open the bookmarks in Fireworks or IE, the mouse will click and unclick whatever I select when I have only clicked once. I'll open the Bookmarks and have accidentally selected the first bookmark in the menu without having had time to read anything!

Anyone know why this is happening or how I might fix it? I never realized how important clicking was, but with my mouse acting the way it is I can barely use my computer.

Thank you for your help.
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Re: My mouse won't highlight

Try a different mouse.
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