NTLDR is Missing....press any key to continue

I have a Dimension 4100....after removing a trojan, I tried to restart windows and ggot the black screen with msg: NTLDR is missing....press any key to continue. Of course that didn't work - what did work was to press the "Dell Support" key on my keyboard while restarting. What happened? Why? Is there something I should do now? The machine is working just fine, although I am reluctant to try and shut down. Please help!
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Re: NTLDR is Missing....press any key to continue

See if this Microsoft Article helps ...........
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Re: NTLDR is Missing....press any key to continue

Check out the following.

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Re: NTLDR is Missing....press any key to continue

1. Get your Operating system cd.

2. REstart system and then press F12. insert the OS cd and select the cdrom drive. Press enter and press any key as soon as you see the "Press ANy key to continue"  message. Wait until you  get the Page wherein there are 3 options. One of these option will be to go to the Recovery console by pressing "R". Press  "R" and then select the OS (usaually the first option), press the corresponding number and it will sometises ask for a password. Most of the the times you just press enter  to get in.

3. Type  copy x:\i386\ntldr  (x is your cdrom drive). press enter and then press Y to overwite the file..

4. Afterthat, type fixboot and press enter and press Y again.

5. Lastly,  type exit and press enter.   This should work. If not, run diagnostics on the Harddrive and prepare for OS installation.



Hope this helps.


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