New video card for my Optiplex 960

Hello to everyone here!

I just bought a new video card for my Desktop PC (Optiplex 960). It is a ZOTAC GeForce 9800GT. Here's my problem:

It says it needs a "Minimum 400 W or greater system power supply (with a minimum 12V current rating of 26A)". I'm not sure about which power supply i have. How can I find out if it meets the requirements?


It comes with a special extra cable (see below).

This seems to be an auxiliary power supply cable but on the one hand i don't know if it's a MUST to use it or just optional (doesn't the card get its power through the PCIe port?).  On the other hand  I don't even have that kind of power plugs in my PC. The ones that are connected to DVD and hard drive look different and are not compatible with the white ones above.
Last question (only important if the answers to the above questions were YES):
Why does it have TWO (white) power connecters?

Sorry for all my questions but the last time i changed a video card in a pc was long ago and it seems to me that everything was a LOT simpler back in these days Smiley Happy

Thanks for your help and answers!



If you think this card is incompatible, please tell me soon so that i can return it.

I would appreciate any recommendations for othe compatible cards to upgrade my pc!

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Re: New video card for my Optiplex 960

Open your case and look at the sticker on the side of your power supply.  This should give you information how many watts you have and it should also show how many amps on the 12V rails whether you just have one or more.

The 9800GT requires addtional power from the power supply by way of a 6-Pin PCIe cable.  The adapter is if you do not have a 6-Pin power cable on your PSU.  It sounds like you don't.  Therefore, you must use the adapter you have pictured to get it to work.  You also may just have SATA connectors on your power supply for your hard drive and optical drive and not the necessary 4-Pin molex cables.  If that is the case, you will have to use some (2) SATA to Molex adapters.  See HERE.  

My guess is if you have the mini tower you probably have the 305W power supply.  I would also guess that you would not meet the amp requirement for the card and if you have the Zotac, it may be an overclocked card and would use even more watts.   Therefore, you may be pushing it with the 9800GT on your current set up.  You may be pushing 75% of your 305W power supply.


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