No Sound, Dell Dimension 4600, Chipset Drivers, Windows Install

I could not get sound no matter what I did on my dell dimension 4600 that I did a fresh windows  XP home instsall on


I am currently installing windows again right now because  I read that's what  I have to do  I know I need to obtain and install chipset drivers??  i have a drivers and utilities CD  that contains device drivers diagnostics and utilities and computer documentation


i also have a disc for anti virus software support software multimedia software and internet software. 


what order  do i need to do things in to get sound on this computer.   I am not installing any of the drivers until i get further instruction.   I just need detailed instructions on what to do after the windows install cd is done setting up.  It would be greatly apreicated

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Re: No Sound, Dell Dimension 4600, Chipset Drivers, Windows Install

Dell's instructions for manually reinstalling an operating system are here:  Manual Reinstallation of your Operating System.  I've tried to include a link that goes directly to Windows XP, but by default it shows Vista.  If that OS is the one you see, change it by clicking the link on changing the operating system at the top of the page.  Instructions for installing the drivers are included.

You can find the most recent drivers for your computer here:  Dimension 4600 drivers.  You can also use the drivers from the Resource CD; if you choose to use that CD you should be aware of how its application operates.  When you first placed the Resource CD into the drive it asks to install the "application."  This application allows you to choose the computer model for which you are seeking drivers.  Once you have done this you are presented with a list of drivers, some having check marks beside them.  The check marks only mean that the application has found devices on your computer that require the check marked drivers.  The drivers are not automatically installed.  You must choose to install them by clicking on the driver title, clicking Open on the autoextractor box that follows, and clicking OK when the autoextractor asks permission to create a folder for the driver.  Once the autoextractor has completed, you click the button to close the autoextractor application and an installation wizard should appear.  Click whatever buttons cause the wizard to install the driver, and once installation has completed, eject the Resource CD and  restart the computer.  The restart allows the registry to be properly updated.  Once the computer has fully booted up, reinsert the Resource CD and repeat the procedure with the next driver.

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