No sound - USB Audio Device problem

Hi, I have a Dell Dimension 3100 with Windows XP and recently my hard drive crashed. It has been replaced with a new hard drive, with the old one still accessible (all the files on my account which was the admin before the crash seem to all be gone, yet the files on the other account are fine). I've since tried to play sounds on the computer to no avail, with a screen popping up saying 'the sound card may be in use'.

In the device manager, the Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus appears with a yellow question mark and an exclamation mark in front of it. Previously the IDT codec was there with a speaker and exclamation mark (which is now gone). When I run the Add Hardware Wizard,  it finds a USB Audio Device, but says that 'This device cannot start (Code 10)'. I'm guessing that there would have to be sound card on the new hard drive. I rarely use my computer, really only for syncing my iPhone and listening to music. Anybody else had this problem or similar and been able to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks







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Re: No sound - USB Audio Device problem

Your problem is the "IDT" and "HD" devices.  Neither are appropriate for a 3100 with XP. You need the Dell SigmaTel sound driver.

When you reinstall there is a specific sequence that needs to be done and if not, things will not work or work properly.  (1) Install Windows (2) Install Dell Desktop System Software (3) Install motherboard chipset drivers (4) Install video, Dell sound drivers, ethernet, etc.

The Intel motherboard chipset drivers are an often overlooked item and they MUST be installed BEFORE installing sound and some other devices.  If you skipped the chipset drivers, install them, then restart the PC and install the Dell sound drivers.  This may also take care of the USB problem.    In a few cases it will take a new/correct sequence/correct drivers to get it going.

HERE is the Dell XP drivers, which includes the Intel chipset drivers and the SigmaTel sound drivers.

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