OpenGL 2.0 Video Card or driver update needed. What are they?

I've installed a graphic arts plugin/Fractal application to my Dimension E310 and attempts to use this application tells me that I need to update my video card or video card driver to one that supports OpenGL 2.0. The video card that I use with my Photoshop Cs3 application is an Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset. It seems that the new software applications installed to work in conjunction with my Photoshop Cs3 program briefly worked one time after I reinstalled some video drivers upon my initial attempt to know what I was doing.  But that was just a test to see if they would open up.

I am not that familiar with the graphic cards that contain OpenGL 2.0 technology. I need a fast course in what it is so I will know what I will have to do to get my applications(plugins) inside Photoshop to function as they're suppose to do without my wondering if they will when I'm ready for them.

 I am using WinXP, Maximum memory at 4 Gigs, Intel Pentium 4HT


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Re: OpenGL 2.0 Video Card or driver update needed. What are they?

According to Intel: All of their video adapters support OpenGL, however, the driver must also support it.




It says on their website that the drivers they host support OpenGL. They do not guarantee that the drivers that come with your computer will.

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