OptiPlex 3050 - Win10 - Intel HD Graphics 630

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Sorry if i am asking the same question which may have been answered in some other post. We created an image for windows 10 on a Dell OptiPlex 3050 with HD graphics 630. Everything is working normally, but when we try to RDP to the desktop from another machine, the below error comes right after login

igfxEM Module has stopped working

The current display drivers are version We downloaded from Dell website and these are the most updated ones. 

We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers few times already. The error does not appear when login in locally, but only when we try to RDP.

When we disable the service "Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel Service", the error does not appear in RDP. 

Kind of trying to figure out the behavior and if someone has experienced this before. The same is happening on OptiPlex 3040 as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading this post. 

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RE: OptiPlex 3050 - Win10 - Intel HD Graphics 630

Ok, i fixed this issue myself by uninstalling the drivers, download the latest HD Graphics 630 drivers for Windows 10 from Intel Website and install. Strange why Dell website has obsolete drivers. Dell team please update the drivers for Dell OptiPlex 3050.

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RE: OptiPlex 3050 - Win10 - Intel HD Graphics 630

Hi idsinghbhambra,

You can find an earlier discussion (and workarounds) on the issue here.


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