Optiplex 320 will not boot

I have an optiplex 320 which worked perfectly until yesterday and now it won’t boot up.  When I press the power switch the light goes orange and then sounds as if it is booting but the computer stays this way and nothing changes on screen or on the box itself.  I just have a whirring computer with an orange light.

I did the usual turning off and on again and I also  read through some forum questions and have tried starting it with no USB devices attached but this has not worked.

Has anyone any suggestions????

Just a word of warning......I am not very PC literate so am afraid needs to be conveyed to me in quite simple language!!!

Thanks – hope someone can help

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Re: Optiplex 320 will not boot


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Re: Optiplex 320 will not boot

I have a few 320's that displayed these symptoms.  Sometimes it was a Bad hard drive and others it was a bad power supply.  If you disconnect the hard drive and the system powers on with an error try another hard drive.  If this does not help you need to find a system with working power supply and see if this helps.

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