Optiplex 330 giving continous beep at startup

I have optiplex 330, giving continuous beep at startup and giving no display. Not even showing dell logo. Please someone help me out of this problem. I consulted dell beep codes, but there was no such beep code given for continuous beep at start up.

Will be very gratefull for any help in this respect

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Re: Optiplex 330 giving continous beep at startup

Check if the memory card is nicely slotted in to the dimm socket. Mine had the same problem, I pulled out the mem card and slotted it back in the second socket nicely and it worked.

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Re: Optiplex 330 giving continous beep at startup

Have you recently openned the case and changed or modified any hardware? Have you recently moved the case? If not I highly doubt it's the ram module not seated correctly. Now it could be a faulty ram either 1 stick is bad or the dimm socket is faulty. Power down and remove power cord from outlet. Hold in power button for 15 seconds to dissipate any remaining power from the board. Remove all but 1 ram module and restart. If problem is gone away then one of the remaining ram modules or dimm sockets is faulty. Repeat above step using all ram and dimm sockets to elimiante which is faulty. If that's not it power down as above and remove battery for 5 minutes and replace to see if the situation changes. If that is still not accounting for the failure mode then you might want to try a new cpu or mb (most likely the MB) to troubleshoot failure. Constant beeping is usually ram or mb... Good Luck.

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