Optiplex 745 USFF and dual displays - need cable

Update: Ten seconds after posting this I stumbled upon Dell's Spare Parts page where they are selling this cable for 10.99 (refurbished). Smiley Happy  Thanks, though! - Mike
I have searched the forums (and elsewhere) but have not really found a clear answer yet, so....
We recently purchased an Optiplex 745 USFF and were under the (apparently mistaken) impression that the dongle/splitter cable to run dual displays out of the box was included. I need to know who to call and what to tell them to order the thing. It doesn't even have to be from Dell. I've been searching the web for the right cable but haven't been able to find what I need (lots of DVI to VGA adapters but they don't seem to be DVI to DVI/VGA adapters.
My monitors have DVI and VGA ports so any combination that the 745's DVI port supports would be fine. 
We borrowed an old cable like this from another Dell PC that works, and it has a number on it: CN-0X2026-48402-560-0DAB. I have found references to X2026 elsewhere but can't find a way to order it from Dell. A couple of eBayers have them but I can't buy from eBay due to work restrictions. :-(
On the page where you configure a new Optiplex 745 USFF, it says this under the "2nd monitor" section:
Dell's Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF) supports both single and dual-monitor configurations. Dual monitor support is via a video adapter dongle for the onboard DVI-I port that comes standard with every order. This dongle has a DVI-I interface for the system with a split VGA and DVI cable for a dual-monitor configuration.
This made me wonder: Does this mean the DONGLE comes standard with every order, or the DVI-I port comes standard? There is no place to select the dongle as an option, just a DVI to VGA adapter. If this adapter is supposed to be the dongle, it should be descibed accurately, not as a simple adapter.
I configured a new 745 so I could figure out the part number for the "DVI-to-VGA Video Adapter Cable":
Video Adapter Cable:
DVI-to-VGA Video Adapter Cable
Product Code: DVI
SKU: 310-5245
ID: 17
I wonder if this is the part we need...any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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