Optiplex 755 (Desktop model) - poor performing onboard video

Hi, I have an Optiplex 755, Desktop model (2nd largest) and it's struggling to play YouTube and BBC iPlayer video, especially in HD. The important specs are: Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 (2.13GHz) 2GB DDR2-800 Ram 80GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD Onboard Video (Intel GMA 3100 I believe) It has a dual boot of Windows XP and Windows 7 installed. Both have the latest drivers installed, but video playback is stuttering slightly on both OS's. I'm therefore looking for a decent PCI-e graphics card (I believe it has to be half height) that will cope with the demands of HD video etc. I understand it needs to be solely powered from the PCI-e slot, as there is no separate power supply cable for he graphics card? Any recommendations? Thanks, Gareth
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Re: Optiplex 755 (Desktop model) - poor performing onboard video

Some suggestions would be the low profile HD 5450, HD 6450, HD 5570, HD 6570 or GT 430.  Also, make sure they come with low profile brackets.  According to your specs, the card must be within these dims so check carefully:

1 low-profile PCIe x16 graphics
-(H: 2.5" X L: 6.6")

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Re: Optiplex 755 (Desktop model) - poor performing onboard video

We have several Optiplex 755's in our office and have found no issues with them playing Video on XP or 7.

Some of these have the Radeon HD 2400 card which was customisable for the system. We also have a couple of Optiplex 745s and they are running Windows 7 perfectly with onboard graphics.

On 64 bit Windows 7 what drivers are you using? You should have:

• Dell System Software R282538

• Chipset R302424* (or R174616 if it doesn't work)

• Chipset Sol R286630* (or R255438 if it doesn't work)

• Chipset HECI R253211

• Intel Video R240415

• Network R162323 and R173716

• Audio R164900

* Drivers from Optiplex 760 - Windows 7 drivers will probably work with the 755. I can't remember what one of the 2 I used so I put them both there.
The machine works perfectly with that driver set.

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Re: Optiplex 755 (Desktop model) - poor performing onboard video

You might have any faulty hardware in your system. I also have an Optiplex 755 running in the same specs though I have HDD instead, but SSD is much faster.

Who wouldn't want a piece of something, eh? 

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Re: Optiplex 755 (Desktop model) - poor performing onboard video

The onboard video will only run Hardware Accelerated Graphics with XP.   If you insist on using windows 7 you need a real GPU aka Video card.

An Inexpensive Radeon 5450 would work fine.

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Re: Optiplex 755 (Desktop model) - poor performing onboard video

The 6450 is newer, more powerful and about the same price.

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