Optiplex 9010 Monitor

How does one tun off the Monitor on the All-In-One computer, but still have the computer part running???

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Re: Optiplex 9010 Monitor


I would like to inform you that as this is an all-in-one system, you cannot separately switch off the monitor, keeping the system on. However, you can check the 2 options below, to disable the display.

Firstly, if you just want to switch off the monitor to save power, while you are listening to music. You can click on Start> Control Panel>Power Options> choose the option Balanced>Click on Change plan settings>you will get an option to turn off the dispay. Choose a suitable time period you'd like the system display to switch off when not in use.

The second option is suitable if you are trying to connect this system to another monitor or projector and use the other display. In this case you can press the windows key and P together, you will get four options.

1.Computer only: only the system's display will work.

2.Extend: You will see the background on the projector and the other programs on the system's display.

3.Duplicate: same display on system's display and projector.

4.Projector only: the system's display wont work only the projector will work.

Please reply if you have any further queries.

Thanks & Regards,
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Re: Optiplex 9010 Monitor

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