Optiplex GX620 won't boot

I have an Optiplex GX620 that will not get past the BIOS screen.  Lights 1 and 4 are on when it stops, however this particular code combination is not in the technical documentation for this computer.  1 alone means no memory detected and 4 alone means BIOS failure, is it possible that this code is the combination of the two?   Would running BIOS recovery hurt anything if the BIOS isn't the problem?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Re: Optiplex GX620 won't boot


Turn off.

Unplug Power from the wall.

Open the cover and disconnect the power and data cable from the hard drive.

Reset the cmos.

Then what happens?


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Re: Optiplex GX620 won't boot

I turned it off, disconnected the power, opened the case and disconnected both hard drives.  I also removed the CMOS battery, let it sit for a minute and put it back in.  I powered it back on.

I get two beeps and two messages:  Alert! No boot device detected.   Alert! Low CMOS battery.

I press F2 to enter setup, reset the time and date, and found the reset factory default option, which I did.  I shut the computer back down, reconnected both hard drives, and powered it back on.

Same thing, it stops when 1 and 4 are lit.  Earlier when this was happening I pressed F2 multiple times to enter BIOS set up, however I just happened to press it once only and notice the progress bar moves a bit, and then 1, 2, and 3 are lit up.  There is about a three second pause, and then the lights go off and Windows starts booting like normal.  I've rebooted two more times with the same result, each time Windows boots successfully.

So, perhaps 1 and 4 lit mean low CMOS battery?

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