Optiplex gx620 SFF Video Card upgrade

I just upgraded my Optiplex gx620 SFF Video Card with the Dell recommended ATI Radeon HD4350 for an SFF tower. I installed it and it works, however I have a problem. When I changed to the short bracket, the HDMI and DVI connection are mounted in the bracket and thus show on the back. The SFF bracket does not include a place for the monitor connection and thus I cannot close the tower and be connected to the Video Card with my monitor. There are no directions (instructions) that I have found that show or explain how to make the monitor connections show or be available on the outside of the tower. Has anyone else upgraded with this Video Card on this tower and know what I need to do. Thanks..

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Re: Optiplex gx620 SFF Video Card upgrade

If you are saying that your monitor is VGA only, then you have two options.  You can either use a DVI to VGA adapter or you should have received another low profile bracket for your VGA connector.  This bracket is mounted either above or below the other DVI/HDMI bracket in an empty slot.  See both brackets in this picture HERE.  

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