Power Light Blinking Orange

Does anyone know what to do? I left the computer for about 10 minutes and when I come back, the computer is off, I can't turn it on and all it does is blink orange. I read here that it has something to do with the power supply, but I have no technical experience and don't want to damage anything inside the chassis. Thanks.

Jose Perez

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RE: Power Light Blinking Orange

You have enabled Standby on your computer. Although it is supposed to work with a desktop, in reality it is for laptops only.

1st, press and hold the power button (for about 5 seconds) This will completely power off your computer.

Then, after rebooting, go into Control Panel and modify your power settings to disable standby.

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No, it's not on standy

It's not on stand by, I set it to never go on standby. I can unplug the power, put it back in, press the power button and it will just blink orange, that's why it's more complicated than the standby.

Jose Perez

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RE: No, it's not on standy

Nice answer!
Read the manual!

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RE: No, it's not on standy

Why don't you step away from your normal personality and stop being a jerk.

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Re: Power Light Blinking Orange

I have the same problem - I came back to the computer (which does use standby) and found it impossible to get the machine to run -- pressing and holding the power button just made the CD-RW light blink one, made the fan spin for about a second, and made the yellow/orange lightr behind the power button blink.  None of the diagnostic lights on the back went on. 

I called tech support and was told to try unplugging all drives and cards and seeing if that made any difference.  The tech said that if this did not make a difference, the problem was probably the power supply, and I would need to change it.

I tried unplugging CD drives and hard drive, and also reseating power cables, and that made no difference.  So now I will try replacing power supply.  (Machine is an 8200 bought with 1 year wty, and is now about 1 1/2 years old.)

Incidentally, the tech said that it should be ok to use a computer store power supply rather than one from Dell -- apparently Dell is no longer using non-standard pin outs on its motherboards and power supplies as it did in the 98-2000 time frame.  Also, in trying to figure this out, I read that the power supplies send a "power Ok" signal that the MB must receive in order to initalize.  So that seems to be why you get a blinking light, but no boot, if the power supply fails.

Please let this board know if changing the power supply solves the problem.

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Re: RE: Power Light Blinking Orange

I have the same problem. I have a DELL GX 280 desktop and the power goes off after 10 minutes. The power button starts to blink orange. I have checked standby, hibernation, and all of my power management settings and turned them all off. Still having a problem.

I went through my event logs and saw nothing that would indicate an abnormal shutdown due to a hardware or software problem.

Does Dell have any diag software that I can run to find my machine state? If so, where can I get it.

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