Precision T7400 - XP x64 & SAS Controller

Hi, we have a Precision T7400, XP SP2 (32bit).


This machine has 4GB of RAM, but only 2,5GB where actually used. We have to upgrade to XP x64 bit version to make fully use of the 4GB of RAM.


But problems started when we wanted to install the x64 version. After loading all drivers we got the Blue Screen giving us a 0x000007B error.


We slipstreamed several SAS drivers with nLite (like R165653, R167254, R167253, R173412). This solved the Blue Screen but gave us the error that no hard drive device could be found.


After some chat sessions with dell they couldn't provide us with an solution Smiley Sad

I than connected the hard disk to the SATA-1, changed the following settings in the BIOS:

SAS Controller = off

SATA-1 = on

SATA Operation = ATA


After these setting I was able to install XP x64.

But now I tried to connect the HD back to the SAS Controller, changed the BIOS settings back to the original settings:

SAS Controller = on

SATA-1 = off

SATA Operation = AHCI


Unfortunately, I get the blue screen again. Does anyone know a solution for this problem? I want to connect the hard disk back to the SAS Controller.


Thanks a lot!

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Re: Precision T7400 - XP x64 & SAS Controller



the problem ist the AHCI mode. (AHCI is not for the LSI Controller) The AHCI option is for the 3 SATA connectors for CD/DVD Drives.


Use the following settings:


SAS Controller = on

SATA-1 = on

SATA Operation = ATA

Re: Precision T7400 - XP x64 & SAS Controller

Sorry to ressurect an old thread but I'm having the same issues.  I have a T7400 running XP Pro 32bit beautifully.  I had XP Pro x64 on my old quad core and wanted to install it on the T7400.  I too get a BSOD at the installation stage.  I thought it was because I was running a SAS drive and a SATA drive, but removing the SATA drive had no effect.  It loads all the drivers when I press F6 then it says 'Starting Windows'.  Bang, BSOD and a lot of 000x000000000.

Anyone solved this yet or can provided any help.  It would be most appreciated.




Re: Precision T7400 - XP x64 & SAS Controller

If your drive is now connected to the SAS controller you can ignore the SATA settings if there is no hard drive attached to them. SATA 0 should be on and connected to SATA DVD-RW, SATA 1 and 2 should be off. I suggest you clear CMOS as shown in manual by moving PSWD jumper to RTC pins for about 6 secs then return to PSWD. BIOS passes control to LSI controller which should boot drive. I have had this problem in past when alternating between SAS and SATA boot drives. Clearing CMOS usually sorts out the problem. You might also want to reset LSI controller by pressing Ctrl-C when invited. This should at least give you an idea that the SAS controller is working. If BIOS and LSI BIOS function properly then maybe it is the drivers. If hardware works alright you might need to do a new installation and see if that works. If not you might try updating BIOS and controller if you have files and suitable floppy. SAS and SATA drives work fine on the same LSI controller but can't be mixed in the same RAID array. Bob