Recover (D): Low Disk Space

I have an XPS 420 desktop; Vista Home Premium.  I've had it up and running since late January.  For the past two months I get the following pop-up (repeatedly - every 3 or 4 minutes)  Low Disk Space:  running out of disk space on Recovery (D).  It suggests I delete old files to make room.


There isn't anything to delete.  Dell Support went online and looked at my computer, acknowledged the drive was showing full but they could only tell me "it's a mystery".  They told me to try Restore, but I couldn't because it won;t work with the drive showing full.


Anyone have this problem?  Does the Recover (D) drive showing full mean I have or will have a problem in the future? - other than that annoying pop-up?



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Re: Recover (D): Low Disk Space

This is just a suggestion, but have you tried running CHKDSK d: /F from a command prompt? If there is a problem with the file system - and it sounds like there is - this may correct the problem. You may have to reboot the machine for this command to work, but it is definitely wortha shot. This is a Windows system command so it is perfectly safe.


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Re: Recover (D): Low Disk Space

Why not get rid of drive d: altogether using vista disk management? Since there is nothing in that drive and you can't ever use it again for a factory image restore, recover the space and add it back to the C:
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Re: Recover (D): Low Disk Space

do you have your file system set to show hidden files and folders???


It could be restore points that are building up...

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Kaneh Bosm

Re: Recover (D): Low Disk Space

I used the option to delete all but the most recent restore point, that didn't solve the problem.  Re: the suggestion from someone about deleting the D:/ drive, I was denied permission to remove the copies of the Windows files that are stored there.  It's not encouraging to learn that Dell support was mystified, especially after watching my 3 month old $900 computer flat out die while searching for solutions on Vista's and then the Dell forums concerning this problem, and also a few other issues that arose after installing Verizon DSL service.  After owning 2 custom built computers, each of which served me well for 6-7yrs, I bought a Dell because of word-of-mouth.  But now people are telling me that Dell quality has gone downhill since they started outsourcing to India for tech support and whatever else. I wish the Indian people prosperity, but not at lowered standards for U.S. customers.
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