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Had my R4 for just over a year (so the warranty is out). Just before the warranty ran out, the fans started all going haywire. I contacted support and they remotely updated my BIOS and uninstalled/reinstalled my command center. That fixed most the fans. I then updated to windows 10, and everything was still fine. About a month later, I had a system crash (wouldn't start back up) and took the PC to a local technician who found that some bad ram was the only problem. Unfortunately, he rolled my drivers back to before the bios and command center were updated (I don't know why). As a result, all the fans started going crazy again. I updated the BIOS myself, and that fixed some of the fans, however, the CPU fan is still going crazy. If I run any program more complex than playing a video file, the CPU/system fan goes up to max speed (>5000 rpm). In temperature control, all temps are stable around 27 to 28, so I don't know why the fan is over-reacting. I also don't know why it lists system fan at 0 and cpu fan at the high speeds I mentioned. Looking inside the unit, I can see that every fan is indeed on, so no fan should be at 0.

I heard uninstalling command center and reinstalling it would help, but I was not able to repeat that step myself as I can't find the command center download from dell anymore. In the Aurora R4 drivers page, it is not listed anymore for download, and I don't want to delete it until I have a way to download it again. My Command center is listed as I have no way of knowing if that's the latest version, as I can't find any command center files or current information on alienware.com or dell.com anywhere. I doubt replacing the command center will solve the issue, but it's frustrating that I can't even try. Heck, even the link on the support site for "Alienware drivers and applications" leads to a dead link now (a page that can't load). If this expensive rig becomes a brick after just a year, I can't see myself ever buying (or selling) dell products again.

My system is an Aurora R4 with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4820K Pro. Currently running on windows 10.

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RE: Aurora R4 CPU Fan Problem (command center?)

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  Best to this post in the Alienware Owners Club Forum, here:




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