Reinstall windows xp with OEM license

How to reinstall windows xp, I don´t have  the CD´s of installation and i want to keep the license OEM, my computer is a DELL optiplex GX270

I need format it, and reinstall.

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Re: Reinstall windows xp with OEM license

As an alternative to downloading drivers individually, Dell customers can request discs containing the operating system originally installed on their system, as well as the device drivers and utilities specific to the system configuration as it was originally shipped.

  1. Requests are limited to one (1) set of backup discs per system purchased.
  2. The discs requested must match the operating system that was factory installed on the original order.

Please note that Dell will provide you the most up-to-date Resource disc available, containing the latest drivers and diagnostic tools currently being shipped on new systems. Due to the frequent updates, this Resource disc may not have all the drivers needed for your specific system, especially if it is over one (1) year old.

If you are considering an operating system reinstall, please click here for an alternative.
Individual drivers and downloads for your system can be found at Dell Downloads.
If you are a customer in the United States only, you can use the backup discs request form by clicking the following link:

Request Backup Discs

For customers in all other countries, please contact Dell Technical Support for assistance.

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