Replacing PSU in Inspiron 530.

I just bought a new power supply unit for my Dell Inspiron 530, but have yet to actually install it.  After buying it, I came across some stories online about how ATX PSU connectors will fit into some Dell motherboards, but will have the pins arranged differently, resulting in a fried motherboard.  I even found a site that sells an adapter to convert the standard ATX connector of the PSU to the Dell arrangement.  At the same time, I've also read about people who have successfully installed a new ATX power supply in their 530 without any issues.  Obviously, I'm a little wary of just plugging in my new PSU without some clarfication first.

I need to know if the 530 motherboard (the quad core version) will accept a standard ATX power supply connection without getting destroyed.  If it doesn't, then I'll have to try the adapter, but if it does, and I unknowingly use the adapter, then that would fry the board as well.  You see my dilemma.

I purchased this PC in February of 2008, if that is relevant.

Thanks to all who respond.

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Re: Replacing PSU in Inspiron 530.


The Inspiron 530 Mini Tower does not use a Dell proprietary power supply, most generic standard ATX power supply units can be installed, with either a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector, with or without the on/off switch. 

 Note: A power supply with four SATA power connectors, is required.

The power supply replacement procedure is HERE



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