SB0467 Audio Card - Windows 7 drivers

I upgraded to Windows 7 from XP, and the computer (XPS 720) now no longer recognizes the SB0467 audio card that came with the computer.  There are Vista drivers floating about, but I have not seen drivers for SB0467 from Creative.  Creative reports that the card was a "special" for Dell.


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Re: SB0467 Audio Card - Windows 7 drivers

Windows 7 is basically Vista "improved" and most of the Vista drivers will work for Win 7.  However, I have seen issues with SoundBlaster's needing Windows 7 specific drivers.  Doing a google search for SB0467, I see that is a SoundBlaster Xfi sound card.  SoundBlaster has Xfi drivers for SOME models - the models they are going to support for Windows 7 and the other models are discontinued models and they are not going to support these for Windows 7.  Best thing I can tell you is try the SoundBlaster Xfi drivers (it won't hurt and some users have reported getting them to work) and if that does not work, it looks like you will need to buy a Windows 7 compatible sound card. 

In the interim, if the Integrated Audio is on the motherboard (and most have that but just disabled in the BIOS (F2 - Setup).  You can remove the SoundBlaster card, enable the Integrated Audio (SigmaTel) and use the Dell Vista driver  Download Here 


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Re: SB0467 Audio Card - Windows 7 drivers

Installing the drivers in compatibility mode seemed to do the trick for me.  I have a 4600 and the drivers are only for XP.  I installed Win 7 and had a huge problem.  After hours and hours of frustration I ran the original drivers in XP mode and it works like a charm.  Try that.

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Re: SB0467 Audio Card - Windows 7 drivers

I have a six year-old Dell XPS 400 with a Creative SB X-Fi SB0467 audio card. I recently upgraded from Win XP to Win 7 and found that my sound card no longer worked. After hunting for an SB0467 driver on Creative's website and not finding one, I selected a driver for an X-Fi Fatality SB0466. I'm not sure if it was necessary, but I also uninstalled and then reinstalled the sound card from the control panel. In any event, the sound system system works fine now. Good luck. 

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Re: SB0467 Audio Card - Windows 7 drivers

I have a Dell XPS410 with the SB0467 sound card, and just upgraded from XP to Windows7Pro -- and NONE of the above helped!  

But luckily I found:



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