Second monitor not detected

I have a Vostro 200 desktop with a ATI HD 2400 Pro Graphics card and a DVI port which came with a DVI splitter.  I'm running Windows Vista Business.  I cannot get this desktop to detect my second monitor a Dell SR 2200 OL 22 inch monitor.  My main monitor is a Dell 2208 WFP monitor.  I've tested the second monitor on the DVI connection that powers my original monitor it works fine.  If I switch to the other connection I get no detection.  I've set the connection to DVI on the second monitor.  Using the HDMI connection on the SM I'm able to duplicate and or extend using a Dell Vostro 131 notebook.  I purchased the cable below to make sure I didn't have a defective cable.  It works the same no second signal from the DVI Port on the V 200.  I'm currently doing a clean install of my OS because of some minor problems but doesn't seem to help.  According to AMAZON comments the DMS 59 cable is supposed to at least connect and duplicate the desktop to a second monitor.  Dell wants a warranty extension for this problem.  I see it either as a hardware design issue or a compatibility problem.  Please help this obsession is ruining my life.


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Re: Second monitor not detected

Do both monitors support the same kind of DVI connection? There's DVI-i, DVI-d etc.

Is there an updated driver from available from ATI for this card?

Do both monitors support dual (or single) link DVI? Dual link supports higher resolution than single link. So if there's a link (resolution) difference between the two monitors...  And which "link" does the video card support, dual or single link?

What happens if you connect the second monitor to where you normally connect the main one, and the main one where you connected the other?

What's the purpose here? Same window on 2 screens, same window extended over 2 screens or separate windows on each screen?

If either monitor supports VGA and you have a VGA output on the video card, you might try that together with one monitor connected to the DVI output. There may be a built-in VGA port connector (from motherboard), but that's usually disabled when there's an add-in video card, so be sure to use the VGA port on the video card, next to the DVI port, if it exists.

How is "Init Display First" set in BIOS Setup? 

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