Speakers wont work

Hi. I've had my Dell since June of 2005, and I'm very happy with it. However, the other night, we had a really bad severe thunderstorm, and lightning struck within 100 feet of my house, causing our alarm system to go haywire, and my neighbor's stove catching on fire. So the fire department came, and we ended up having 13 fire trucks at our houses. And we smelt a electrical burning smell for a little bit, but the firemen said it was nothing to worry about. But then I came and turned my computer back on, and my speakers will not work. They turn on, but the computer says that it's unable to recognize them or something along those lines. I have the speaker system with the four short tower speakers, the speaker center underneath the monitor, and a subwoofer. None of them will work. I unplugged them from the back of the computer, then plugged them back in, and they still won't work. If anyone has any idea what this problem might be or how I could fix it, please let me know. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

- Brizzad413
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Re: Speakers wont work

With a lightning hit, it could have damaged the PC's motherboard, or any other component.  Also the speakers or the power supply for the speakers.

Plug a headset into the front panel headset jack and see if you get audio there.  If you do, plug the headset into the (analog) Speaker out jack on the rear of the PC and if the heaset still works then the problem is in the Speakers.  If there is no sound from the front or from the rear then there is a problem in the PC.  Many homeowner's policies will cover lightning damage so check that out, however, even if it covers it depending on the deductable you may still be liable for whatever damage there is.

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