Startup - Reset Button

I have a Inspiron 530, which is about 3 years old.  I shut it down one night, and the next morning, I started to boot the computer.  There was no

response.  the power light came on at the rear of the computer, as well as the light on the motherboard.    Does this thing have a reset button or fuse?  I've looked from top to bottom and can't find any.


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Re: Startup - Reset Button


Assuming that you have the inspiron 530 Mini Tower version.

No, there's no reset button.

Is the power button LED, Steady Blue, Blinking Blue, Steady Amber, Blinking Amber, or not lite?

Does the power supply fan run?

Are there any 'Beeps', or error messages, if there are, please post the exact text of the message?

 The Inspiron 530 Troubleshooter and Diagnostic Codes are HERE. 

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