T7400 CPU upgrade


Can anyone tell me if I can upgrade the Xeon processors in my Dell T7400 and how much it would be?

I have a single E5410 on a dual board, that is a quad xeon processor.  I know I could get another E5410 that matches and double up the cpu but does anyone know if I can take out the E5410 and replace with a matched pair of E5420s or E5430 etc...

Anyone tried?

Also, my graphics card is the quadro fx 500mb version, does anyone know what I could use to increase the screen beyond 1280x1000?  Does not have to be quadro.



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Re: T7400 CPU upgrade

Yes you can , I have the dell precision T7400 having 2 processors 5430 - 2.66 Ghz and 4GB Ram...

and Also I would suggest ATI Radeon 4870 bit cheaper and best for max resolution.

you can check my CPU details find a dell T7400 work horse here. and you can order it on cheaper prices.

this shop is located in pakistan. but they have facility to ship through out the world.

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