USB Ports at Inspiron 530

I have purchased recently an Inspiron 530 Desktop with Windows Vista as operating system.

There are 4 USB ports at the rear panel that are occupied by:

1- Keyboard

2- Mouse

3- Speakers

4- Inbuilt camcorder with the monitor.


There is no USB port left for the printer.

I do not want to connect the printer to a front USB port as this will make the front panel look not good.

Can I connect the camcorder and the printer to the same USB port and have them operational at the same time.


It will be great to receive an advice on that.


many thanks.



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Re: USB Ports at Inspiron 530

If you plug in a USB Hub into one of your USB ports, you can expand the number of USB ports available.


USB Hub similar to:




Make sure you purchase a USB Hub which is capable of USB 2.0 and is not limited to USB 1.1, otherwise you will reduce the performance of any USB device plugged into that hub.

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Re: USB Ports at Inspiron 530

you can find an inexpensive 4-port USB hub at walmart. I think the one i have seen is only $10 bucks

Dont remember the name brand, but its silver and square shaped, with a 6 inch cable that plugs into a single USB port that will give you 4 addtional ports.


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Re: USB Ports at Inspiron 530

Yeah, it is disappointing that there are so few USB ports on the Inspiron 530.  I'm lucky in that my monitor has a hub built in.  As others have pointed out, pick up a small but expensive hub from Newegg or Walmart and you should be good to go.  I would suggest that you keep your keyboard and mouse plugged into the computer, the hub, and your printer.  Plug the cam from the monitor into the hub, and any other stuff you need to run as well.  Logic being that the cam doesn't need to be on at startup.  Good luck.




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