USB Specification 1.1

I am planning to purchase a USB device for my
"Dimension XPS T500".

In documentation,
the device required to be connected to "USB Specification 1.1 Compatible" USB.

I want to know USBs on my machine is whether USB Specification 1.1 or not.

I used System Configuration card on this website,
but unable to find the information about USB specification. I also find motherboard type, which is:
"Intel Corporation SE440BX-3 AA722396-111"
I went to intel website, but unable to find the information. They had SE440-BX and SE440-BX-2, but no information about SE440-BX-3 was found.

I currently use following USB devices for my machine:
Epson Perfection 1200 Photo Scanner
Wacom Intuos Special Edition 9x12
They are both working just fine.

If you have any idea,
please let me know.

Thank you.

Shin Hashitani

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RE: USB Specification 1.1

The USB Host Controller built into the Dimension XPS T series is USB 1.0 compliant. The USB 1.1 specification includes the unchanged USB 1.0 Host Controller specification.

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RE: USB Specification 1.1

if Host Controller is the same, I guess it should work okay, right?

If so,
why did they specify as USB 1.1 is something I don't understand.

I am getting a head of myself. Probably something I don't know. As long as the device works, I am okay with that.

Thank you, Cody!

Shin Hashitani
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