When computer turns off, monitor stays on

Comp: Dell e510/5150
Monitor: Dell e196fp (connected via VGA cable)
radeon x600 256mb
SP3 Windows Media Center

Basically, I want my monitor to go into standby mode when i turn off my computer.

In the past, whenever I turned my computer off, my monitor would enter standy mode; the power button with a green backlight would turn an amber color.

a week ago, when shutting down my computer, my monitor would stay on.
Instead of entering standby mode, the monitor would remain on(green backlight), and the self test feature check (STFC) would start bouncing around the screen.

I've messed around with the power properties. I've enabled and disabled hibernation, as I've read certain forums stating that hibernation enabled can mess up monitor sleep abilities. I've tried rolling back the monitor driver, uninstalling the monitor driver, reinstalling the monitor driver, and disconnecting all cables and restarting the computer.

Please help

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